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There, I caught you
Dancing in the falling rain
I shouldn't stare
Should grin and bare it
Should walk away
And leave you
Dancing in the falling rain

Is it me that’s wrong
What you bleed I come

I shouldn't care
I should just walk off the pain
Take a breath drop my aim
Cross off your name
You’re stressed man
This is just a test
I know she’s just a block away
I needed a moment
I try to not come here alone
But now my tank is blown

There, I caught you
Dancing in the falling rain
Pouring Rain
This isn’t fair
Should be me there
Holding your hair
Dipping you dancing in the
Falling rain
Pouring Rain

Beware of the love crave
I cherish the love we made

I want you back my love
I begged you wouldn’t come

I’m in the air beware mother fucker, you dare?

I’ve spent so long
Just watching you two
So I’ll end him first to see what you do
As you’re wanting reilif
Like you couldn’t believe
I’ll crossing the street
So you knew it was me
I’ve spent so long
Just watching you two


from Fade Into Bolivion: Episode IV - Ember Aftermath, released October 30, 2020


all rights reserved



The John Whites Bootlegs Reno, Nevada



Yo this is our bootleg page! The stuff that didn't make the albums but wanted to give it to you!
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