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In the begging you played about dumb
Just wanted in on all the fun
To ease the pain
It smells so great
But now you’re wasting all day
Til the next time you’re paid

And in the middle going strong
You thought why not take some time off
And lost your place
You got lazy
You’ll find your way
But why not wait one more day

And in the end that little touch
Now something you cant get enough
It takes all you make
Like you knew it’d take
You read all warnings

So what you mad at the snake for?
You knew what a snake was before tried picking it up

You always said you wanna know the place where good and evil grows and have a taste
Don’t know their name
its worth the shame
at least it was yesterday

Well it feels so much better raw
You shed your skin it’s a coin toss
It's almost noon
You spray perfume
It's still P.U.

So what you mad at the snake for?
You knew what a snake was before tried picking it up

You’re always on your megaphone
but couldn't be bothered to vote
At home you stayed
Or wrote some name
Don’t want the blame
Well how the hell can things change

And now whatever he says goes
You disagree in cells you’re thrown
You’re like who could say
It was plain as day
He was showing gold fangs


from Fade Into Bolivion: Episode IV - Ember Aftermath, released October 30, 2020


all rights reserved



The John Whites Bootlegs Reno, Nevada



Yo this is our bootleg page! The stuff that didn't make the albums but wanted to give it to you!
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