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Fade Into Bolivion: Episode IV - Ember Aftermath

by The John Whites Bootlegs

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War Song (free) 02:58
If you walk around today like It's nothing with your head in your ass All your bull shit won't turn into facts And as you scrape off every trace to keep numbing just to forget your past Won't you don't kill just keeps coming back And gets right in your fucking way why your stuggling but you think it will pass Watch and learn as the world burns to black Or you can set your fucking aim at those fuckers grab your gun and an ax we'll control burn those fuckers to ash In the middle of the day came the soldiers as they're piled in their truck brown bagged us stuffed in the back of a truck And now we're planning or escape dripping water as the bucket fills up Yeah you're fucked if you're fucking with us This is the war song this is your song this is my song this is why we get us and dance on
Damn (free) 03:35
Damn, Spite goes far I walked here Torched your car Picked apart Stab your heart Watch my carve It's an art Shoulda known I’d let go Of your throat Once you croak Then I’ll stomp Stomp so more Till you’re flat As the floor If my bones pop out If my loins cop out If my souls lost now With my joints chopped down I'll still tear you out if my stops now I'll still wear you down First your head I’ll mount When your last prayer screams out You rang I'm not home Least not mine I'm in yours Knife and rope Start off slow Peel your toes Up your nose
Elate (free) 04:23
There, I caught you Dancing in the falling rain I shouldn't stare Should grin and bare it Should walk away And leave you Dancing in the falling rain Is it me that’s wrong What you bleed I come I shouldn't care I should just walk off the pain Take a breath drop my aim Cross off your name You’re stressed man This is just a test I know she’s just a block away I needed a moment I try to not come here alone But now my tank is blown There, I caught you Dancing in the falling rain Pouring Rain This isn’t fair Should be me there Holding your hair Dipping you dancing in the Falling rain Pouring Rain Beware of the love crave I cherish the love we made I want you back my love I begged you wouldn’t come I’m in the air beware mother fucker, you dare? I’ve spent so long Just watching you two So I’ll end him first to see what you do As you’re wanting reilif Like you couldn’t believe I’ll crossing the street So you knew it was me I’ve spent so long Just watching you two
Light Eye Bridge (free) 03:05
The Light Eye Bridge Is gone Do you love not? Your pain it glows The Knowldege in the scrolls Makes up all you know Why taste your woes You’ll never fee alone When there’s no one home It takes control It’s free because we’re sold But where’s there to go? The Light Eye Bridge Is gone Do you love not? Your brain explodes From rebels in the snow Made from 1s and 0s Shaped marshmellows Fogged up monicles Crowned in Monico
Dead Bodies (free) 03:05
Snuff a life another number Why bother to count The pieces found all strewn around Stimulate away their wonder ‘Til their eyes dim out Can't think too loud Just hear you now All those dead Bodies What’s the use of worrying while you sleep All those dead bodies Too far to see You’ve run All out of blood Sucking up so much Cause the Re-up’s such a rush Never Enough Or too much from your next victims Eat your prey of worn out hunter with their claws ripped out The blood was found, here comes the hounds Acting like it’s just a blunder well you sure looked proud The cameras out, they still have doubts
The Wind (free) 04:56
Hey there Get it right on Or my soldiers shoot you for fun Watch you heads pop off one by one Play fair Ha dont make me laugh Well take your there’s no taking back Stay scared what more could we ask It may be picking up It’s coming better you know bout the wind It’s blowing heavy take hold Grabs your kin You and all of your friends Yeah it's all in the wind Blank stare Get on your tip toes Your mouth closed Stay quiet as a mouse It's my house now get comfortable I've stayed there once or twice before Now smokes billowing out your windows Your hum drum song man you best bite your tongue I caught you looking at me I wondered what did you see by the thrown It’s a tale that you wanted to read You shoulda put it in ink Now you’re gone It’s a zoo but it feels like your free Until they’re choopping your meat watching on Oh, you missed all that there was to see Because you’re looking at my on the trown
View From The Center (free) 04:47
Dreams turn to nightmares when I come around Oh you’re screams Baby I care But won’t put it down Sing me a love song I want you it in writing Oh the notes of your crying Your yells for help lullabying Where is my phone call I want you to know I’ve got everything under Right under control Oh who dreams of nothing While they’re wandering Down the Road Oh I feel nothing As I’m sitting on my thrown Boy when he made me well God got it wrong I was driving to work When it popped in my thoughts I’m sorry for nothing Cause I sure had fun Oh your hate through the glass speaks And it turns me Goodbye All I have to say is Goodbye With a freak like me All you can do is set me free
The Snake (free) 04:05
In the begging you played about dumb Just wanted in on all the fun To ease the pain It smells so great But now you’re wasting all day Til the next time you’re paid And in the middle going strong You thought why not take some time off And lost your place You got lazy You’ll find your way But why not wait one more day And in the end that little touch Now something you cant get enough It takes all you make Like you knew it’d take You read all warnings So what you mad at the snake for? You knew what a snake was before tried picking it up You always said you wanna know the place where good and evil grows and have a taste Don’t know their name its worth the shame at least it was yesterday Well it feels so much better raw You shed your skin it’s a coin toss It's almost noon You spray perfume It's still P.U. So what you mad at the snake for? You knew what a snake was before tried picking it up You’re always on your megaphone but couldn't be bothered to vote At home you stayed Or wrote some name Don’t want the blame Well how the hell can things change And now whatever he says goes You disagree in cells you’re thrown You’re like who could say It was plain as day He was showing gold fangs
It's 4 a.m. (free) 04:56
When it's four am I'm the beach it's raining Across the street there's lighting The palm tress fire starts dripping When it's four am Some kind of magic happens Suck in the dream juice leaking Rapturing as it sinks in When it's four am And are you gonna take me downtown? Are you gonna take me baby downtown? I know Model planes are all fake But baby my nose Smells something Maybe we can shrink and fly those I don’t know, I've never flown I want you now though


I recorded the backing tracks and had the song titles for these songs back when I was writing and recording Unweaving the Apocalypse. I didn't have the lyrics for the songs and moved onto other projects since the songs didn't end up on Unweaving. Well when 2020 came, and everything that came along with it, the lyrics came too.

The lyrics were written and vocals were recorded this year onto backing tracks recorded around 2011-2012. I'm glad myself 9 years ago left me these songs to express what I was feeling and turn my anger into art rather than another angry post into the void of social media.

There's a thing back when I was a boy scout (I know right?!) that they would say, Leave your campsite better than you found it. Well hopefully we can leave the world and the people in our lives a little bit better than we found them too, Way cheesy!

Thank you Alex Korostinsky for Mixing and Mastering the album and thank you Tony Contini for the album art!

This album is dedicated to the people of Iraq, who did nothing, and were punished for everything.


released October 30, 2020

Producer, Composed, Recorded and Performed by John White
Mixed and Mastered by Alexander Korostinsky
Album Cover by Tony Contini


all rights reserved



The John Whites Bootlegs Reno, Nevada



Yo this is our bootleg page! The stuff that didn't make the albums but wanted to give it to you!
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